Monday, June 3, 2013

Being companion, confidant, cheerleader, supporter, and sponsor

The following is the fourth in the series of how my book, 52 Week Game Changer: How She LEADS, went from vision to reality.
I was steadfast that my new-to-be book’s structure must serve the functions of companion, confidant, cheerleader, supporter and a sponsor to every woman who walked the game changing journey.

That’s why there are elements and exercises in the 52 Week Game Changer that serve all these roles.  Each week there is a companion, confidant, cheerleader, supporter or sponsor there for you.  In the beginning of the journey you learn how living gratitude and celebrating your successes frames your perspective for success.  Throughout the 52 week journey, Gratitude and Success journal are your companions, confidants, and cheerleaders. 

Vision and purpose are your supporters and the simple daily actions you perform over 26  weeks are the sponsors that motivate and drive you forward in fulfilling your leadership potential.

Knowing that journeys and game changing can be difficult, I strategically placed “Way Stations” along the way so that journeyers could clarify where they are and where they are going, and be given the opportunity to adjustments.

I decided that 52 Week Game Changer should have two parts.  Part 1 would be a series of brief (very brief) chapters describing one element of the framework.  The purpose of the book is not to be an academic work (there are enough of these already).  The book’s thrust is “Changing the Game” and therefore is devoted to action.  The introductory chapters are brief, but substantive enough to help game changers understand the framework.  Part 1 of the book is a mere 15 pages.

Part 2 of the book is where the action happens.  It is the heart of the process, containing 136 pages devoted to changing the game.  It is in Part 2 that game changers will find their companions, confidants, cheerleaders, supporters and sponsors.  It is here where the game begins to change by celebrating who you are, identifying what you want to accomplish, defining the steps you want to take and taking action to change the game!