Thursday, February 25, 2016

Let’s Start to Invent!

At 7:15 PM CT the first Wednesday of each month there's a group of committed women who come together to Toast Leadership.   They are inventors!  Invention is about discovery, creation and change. What these women know is that embracing invention allows them to grow, develop and fulfill their potential. 

In November we surveyed our Toast to Leadership women and asked, “What topics would you like to explore during 2016?”  Not surprisingly the respondents  didn’t choose topics like negotiation skills, or meetings or team management!  Hands down, these women wanted more than a toolbox of skills.  Out of a list of several topics on the survey, they wanted to focus on the core of exceptional leadership…..mindfulness. 

Neuroscience research says that mindful practice brings about changes to the structure and function of the brain and reinvents us by helping minimizing a life in auto-pilot and improves our focus, clarity, creativity, and empathy.  This change lets leadership presence flourish and translates into a host of “betters”….better strategic thinking, better response under pressure, better listening and engaging skills, better and more informed decision making, and better creativity and innovation.  Who wouldn’t want these benefits?

At the recommendation of our “inventors”  the focus of Toast to Leadership:  Ladies Virtual Night Out this year, is on “Mindful Leadership.”   We’ll explore the neuroscience, see why companies such as General Mills, Pixar and Ford have implemented in house mindfulness programs, and learn how to practice and incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives so that we can help ourselves and other flourish. 

Can’t wait to get started developing exceptional leadership?  Join us  by teleconference at Toast to Leadership:  Ladies Virtual Night Out the first Wednesday of each month from 7:15 – 8:15 PM.  If you haven’t registered, sign up at .

Let’s start to INVENT!

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